The weekend will present several time slots for folks to do a little exploring for food, drink and sight-seeing.  Below we offer some options we like, and at the bottom of the page several links to find even more. 


CRYSTAL BRIDGES:  Surprisingly to many, art and architecture lovers from around the world now make a pilgrimage to North-West Arkansas in order to visit Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, an architecturally-stunning and seriously world-class museum of American art (including a rare, renovated Frank Lloyd Wright Home moved there from New Jersey).  The museum is free (as it was built by zillionaire Alice Walton, a Wal-Mart heiress, and she don't need any of your money).  

FARMER'S MARKET:  Since 1973, awarded one of the best farmer's market in the country - downtown Fayetteville on Saturday mornings (7 a.m. to 2 p.m.), just around the corner from The Chancellor Hotel (see our Accommodations page).

SCENIC DRIVES:  The Ozark Mountains in Fall, twisty roads, and you. 

CLINTON HOUSE:  If you want to see the first home of Bill & Hillary, including the living room in which they were married.  Or, at the wedding, ask Coleson's grandfather to tell you some 'Billy' stories. 



You think you've had BBQ, but Fayetteville is where to find real BBQ; our favorites are Penguin Ed's B&B (the one on S. East Ave), Whole HogSassy's, Boar's Nest, and Herman's.   Try them all.  

Also, Arkansas takes its cheese dip seriously, and is the site of the World Cheese-Dip Championship: try either Jose's Mexican Grill and Cantina's mild and light green chili-flavored cheese dip, or go after U.S. Pizza Company's Judy's White Cheese Dip.  Just don't call it 'queso.' 

For some other eats that are still casual, also great are Hugo's, Hammontree's Grilled CheeseLittle Bread Company, and The Farmer's Table Cafe

For more slightly more up-scale eating. . . c'mon, go back to the BBQ and Cheese Dip portions above. 


For more options on places to see and eat:

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