Bearing in mind the location of the Pratt Place Inn and St. Catherine's at Bell Gable (the reception and ceremony sites, respectively), there are numerous accommodation options in Fayetteville.  Below, we offer two options that are convenient.

For the convenience of our guests, we have a room block at The Chancellor Hotel, located in downtown Fayetteville (2.5 miles from the Pratt Place Inn, and 6 miles from St. Catherine's).  Please ask for the "Geddes-Bruce Wedding" to receive our special rate at The Chancellor Hotel.  The Chancellor offers several options within walking distance for food, bars, and things to do.  

Another convenient option (with reduced wedding rates) is The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fayetteville (2 miles from the Pratt Place Inn, and 3 miles from St. Catherine's).  Be sure to book the correct Holiday Inn - there are others in nearby towns.  When booking, please let them know you should receive the wedding rate.   There are convenient options for food nearby this Holiday Inn. 

Otherwise, feel free to stay wherever is convenient for you! 

(Note: The Pratt Place Inn itself is occupied by the bride & groom's immediate family.)